The feed technology provides for the raw material components to pass through many stages of production in the way of feed making. At each stage, starting from grain receiving, the quality of raw materials is constantly monitored for compliance with quality parameters.

External control

The quality of raw material base and ready-made feed is checked tirelessly by independent state laboratories.

Microbiological studies are carried out to control finished products and samples of raw materials for absence of:

• GMO and residues of toxic chemicals
• Mycotoxins
• Radionuclides
• nitrates, nitrites and salts of heavy metals.

Internal control

Our own labs are confidence in what we create. Quality employees regularly monitor innovations in finding effective solutions for production. New equipment is subject to mandatory testing for compliance with internal standards to become part of our control system.

The quality of the products obtained directly affects the production processes as well as the price of the final products. That is why modern analytical methods and technologies are used to analyze product samples. Employees of our laboratory widely use the help of automated analytical equipment. In recent years, laboratory equipment has undergone a number of upgrades aimed at expanding use capabilities, improving accuracy and throughput. The optimal organization of the raw material control process helps to speed up the production process, making it more efficient.

Advantages of own laboratories

  1. Reliability
    1. Daily self-control of laboratory work with the help of standard test and maintenance of Stewhart charts
    2. Participation in international ring – test.
    3. Use of equipment from world leaders in the field.
    4. Minimization of human factor in laboratory control.
    5. Using standard operating procedures.
  2. Efficiency in decision making.
    1. The use of a near infrared spectrometer (NIR analyzer) on adaptive calibration for Ukrainian raw materials in several ways.
  3. Detection of falsification of raw materials.
  4. Adherence to the Fe-Fo principle (first come – first went).