The history of TOPKORM TM

We are a compound feed producers with more than 20 years of experience and a highly qualified team that will help solve all issues in animal feeding.

Many years of experience are supported by a modern production base of 6 compound feed plants, which provide the consumer with high-quality complete feed.

Dealer partners, our own vehicle fleet strengthen our presence in every corner of the country.

The desire for perfection and challenges of the market demanded from us completely new solutions in fodder production. Everything began with the desire to create professional programs to feed household farms. Therefore, in 2009 we developed a new brand TOPKORM TM. It has included a long history of knowledge accumulation and daily improvement.

The first granule of TOPKORM TM compound feed was made in the heart of green Ukraine – on Dikanka compound feed milling plant, went to the city of Reshetilovka, Poltava region, to its customers.

The experience and recipe developed over the years according to the new quality standards have provided TOPKORM TM feed with a premium segment.


New Brand Style

The popularity of using the professional line of compound feed TOPKORM TM for the household has inspired the creation of the ideology of brand and corporate style.


Rebranding of TOPKORM TM

The world was changing, we were changing and we were getting better. In 2014, the use of new, innovative production technologies made it possible to improve the structure of recipes, which significantly increased the sales of compound feeds TOPKORM TM. Changes have affected not only recipes, so this year the bag was rebranded, the representation became brighter.


Introduction to the product line of TOPKORM TM, protein-mineral vitamin supplements (PMVS). The use of PMVS in home forage provides a professional approach and increase efficiency.


New bag design

Technologies and trends of the modern world of fodder production have consolidated in a new brand style.