Increasing efficiency is one of the daily tasks, solving which we are getting closer to you, our customers. The development of its own transport and logistics direction is inextricably connected with this. Its well-developed work helps to provide customers with a quality feed delivery service, develop optimal routes for transportation and do everything possible to ensure that our partners receive their order on time with minimal costs.

Our Benefits:

• Significant reduction in the cost of delivering compound feeds through an expanded warehouse system
• Continuous availability of fresh compound feed in every corner of the country, thanks to prompt delivery.
• Shortening the route from manufacturer to consumer by optimizing transport routes.

Our work is more than the production of compound feed, it is a well-thought-out logistics system that ensures our presence on the grain market of Ukraine. A wide system of warehouses, highly qualified specialists of the logistics department, own vehicle fleet and thought-out technologies of configuration, allow to carry out movement with minimal time.