About us

Own production

6 feed milling plants

To buy feed additives, PMVS, premixes, compound feeds in Ukraine and beyond is more profitable from our official dealers.

Wide range

Taking into account the needs of both small and professional farms, we offer a wide range of feed and feed additives: for domestic animals, poultry and fish.

Affordable price

We produce high-quality compound feed on our own, so the cost of our products is optimal for the household and small businesses.

Quality guarantee

Quality raw materials, proven production technology and advanced equipment enable us to provide our customers with unmatched quality product with all the necessary certificates of conformity.

Fast delivery

TOPKORM values the time of its customers, so it makes sure that your order is delivered within a clear time frame.


We are pleased to announce that feed additives, compound feeds, PMVS and TOPKORM premixes can be purchased far beyond Ukraine. Attention to customer needs and mutually beneficial cooperation is our priority.

Brand mission:

Development of domestic subsidiaries of Ukraine through high-efficiency forage solutions that provide high-quality products for livestock, poultry, fishing, snail breeding, etc.

Having created professional compound feeds for animals, we have made a whole story about the transformation of the farm into a profitable business.

Highly professional team
Knowledge, experience, innovation
Search for perfection as a habit


Expansion of geography and development of new markets through successful professional team, partnership with dealers and stable development.


Person’s handwriting speaks about his personal qualities, logo characterizes the brand

Why the square in the graphic part of the logo?
The correct geometric shape of the square shows a comprehensive approach to the issue of animal and poultry feeding, thanks to which we offer the best solutions and developments in the field of feeding for domestic subsidiaries and households.
Why green and brown?
The logo’s gamma of herbal colors combines the speed of yellow and the reasonable restraint of blue. This palette of green shades reproduces the growth and development of customers, partners in cooperation with us.
Its combination with brown tones brings us back to the origins, to the rich Ukrainian land that has grown cereals, which are the basis of top recipes of combined feed and PMVS.
Why Animal Tracks?
Compound feed TOPKORM TM provides professional feeding programs for any kind of farm animals and poultry. Like animal footprints, we make a significant contribution to the efficiency of domestic subsidiaries.
The logo is not just a graphic work of designers, but a process of careful selection of components, balanced calculation of recipes, modern laboratory research, input and output control of product quality, fundamental professional approach of specialists of each direction and an extended network of logistics with its own fleet.
Our external simplicity of solutions and ease of use contains a universe of knowledge of experience and innovation.


Poultry: Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Quail …


Ungulates: horses, cows, goats, sheeps …

Waterfowl: ducks, geese ..