Combine feed for young turkeys from 0 to 6 days (starter)

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Топ ПК і 0/25к 25kg 13,25 331,25 13,70 342,50
Топ ПК і 0/10к 10kg 13,55 135,50 14,00 140,00
Топ Пк і 0/5к 5kg 13,80 69,00 14,25 71,25
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Starter combine feed TopKorm prepares young turkeys for effective fattening of young animals with the subsequent transition to growth and finish feeds. It is applied from the first days of life to 8 weeks.


wheat, corn, soybean processed products, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, salt, amino acids, vitamin-mineral premix, choline chloride, antioxidant, diacox, multi-enzyme composition, phytase.