Combine feed for chickens from 1 to 7 weeks (Starter)

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weight UAH/kg UAH/bag UAH/kg UAH/bag
Топ ПК к 2/25к 25kg 10,30 257,50 10,75 268,75
Топ ПК к 2/10к 10kg 10,60 106,00 11,05 110,50
Топ ПК к 2/5к 5kg 10,85 54,25 11,30 56,50
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Starter feed for chickens from 1 to 7 weeks is recommended to be used from the first to the seventh week of life of chickens, which guarantees high uniformity of the livestock and physiological development of the internal organs of poultry.


wheat, corn, soybean processed products, sunflower processed products, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, salt, amino acids, vitamin-mineral premix, choline chloride, diacox, antioxidant, multi-enzyme composition, phytase.